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Alan Fields is a highly qualified Architect and an eminently practical man.
He designs and builds structures that serve their purpose to near perfection, and he does it within our customers’ budgets and the dozens of regulations and building code requirements all new business buildings must meet. Consistently.

No small feat! It is accomplished through a combination of years of
experience, superior technical ability and an agile mind with a natural bent toward frugality. It also has something to do with a sharp focus on a well defined market.

We build in the suburbs, primarily, specializing in structures for retail, office and industrial uses. The emphasis is on function - how well the structure will do as intended – rather than on costly designs which have to be remodeled or replaced with the next fad.

Although we gladly work with other’s designs, it often is much easier and less expensive to involve Alan before beginning the design phase. He may be able to build in significant economies by specifying the most efficient building type, materials, expansion options and plans for flexibility in actual usage of the space.

The Blacketer Company’s reputation for quality and service is nowhere better exemplified than in the fine, serviceable profitable buildings this branch of the firm produces.

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